Photo of Rui Carlos Gonçalves My name is Rui Carlos Araújo Gonçalves and this is my webpage.

I'm 30 years old and I live in Braga, Portugal. Currently I'm an associate researcher at HASLab (INESC TEC), where I'm working at Lean Big Data project.

In April 2015 I finished my PhD at MAP-i (doctoral program in Computer Science). Before, I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Universidade do Minho, where I got my Bachelor degree in December 2008. I was also a collaborator in different research projects, such as DxT, GAsPar, PRIA, AspectGrid, and PPC-VM.

In this website you can find some stuff I've worked on, such as publications, small software projects, scripts, learning material from my Bachelor degree, etc. You can also find my personal (in Portuguese) and my Curriculum Vitae.