HostBlocker is an application that builds lists to block known problematic domains (e.g., associated to Spam, malware, tracking). It takes a configuration file with multiple lists of such domains, and builds a unified output file, with a configurable format (currently it supports /etc/hosts, Dnsmasq, Bind/RPZ and Unbound formats). When using Bind output format, it can group multiple sub-domains under a common wildcard domain, in case both the base domain and certain number of different sub-domains are present. For Unbound, sub-domain of blocked domains are discarded, as blocking a domain automatically blocks a sub-domain. With Unbound format, SOA records are also generated (which allows to define the TTL for NXDOMAIN responses). Moreover, it allows to specify a blacklist, a whitelist, and a custom header.

Each source list may have a different format. Mapper and filter functions should be used to obtain the valid/desired domains from each list. That is, for each line of a list, first a sequence of mapper functions is applied to obtain the domain from the line, and then a sequence of filter functions is applied to determine if the domain should be used or discarded.

Moreover, each list has associated a score, and only domains for which the sum of scores from the different lists is above a certain threshold are used. This allows users to use less reliable lists, without risking blocking wrong domains (assigning a low score to the list, we make sure the domain is blocked only if it appears in other lists too).

This application caches the downloaded files for a configurable amount of time (60 hours by default), to avoid downloading the file too often. The cache directory can be specified with the environment variable HOSTBLOCKER_CACHE_PATH (uses relative directory cache by default).


To install this application simply run the command python setup.py install. This will make the command hostblocker available.

This application requires Python 3, and the Python packages yaml, setuptools, and coverage.


The application supports the following options:

Moreover, certain options can be controlled through environment variables:

Sources List

The source lists are defined in a YAML file, which contains the list of source URLs (and their properties), as well as the global mappers and filters.

List of URLs

The list of URLs is defined by the entry sources, which should contain a list of source items. Each source item must have the following entries:

Additionally, each item may have the following optional properties:

Global Mappers and Filters

Besides the mappers and filters specified for each source list, global mappers and filters (i.e., to apply to all lists) can also be specified with the top level entries mappers and filters. These functions are applied after the functions specific to the source list.



HostBlocker, a domain blocker file builder

Copyright (C) 2017-2019 Rui Carlos Gonçalves

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This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

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