News – 2013

DicionarioPT: new version available


The version r5.0.0 of DicionarioPT is now available for download. This version addresses the recent changes on Priberam's website. It also fixes bugs, and improves output layout.

RCG Gray and RCG Forest: new versions available


The version 2.0.4 of themes RCG Gray and RCG Forest is available for download. The new version provide minor improvements and fixes.

RCG Gray: new WordPress theme


A new WordPress theme is available for download: RCG Gray. It is similar to RCG Forest, but uses a different color scheme.

RCG Forest 2.0 available


The version 2.0 of theme RCG Forest is available for download. This new version was completely rewritten, and provides a responsive design, based on HTML5 and CSS3.