News – 2011

Widgets updated


The widgets that I maintain were recently updated.

DicionarioPT is the one with more significant changes. Part of its source code were rewritten, some bugs were fixed, and the output layout were improved.

The others had less significant changes. The only relevant was the update of the channels' list of GuiaTV.

DicionarioPT.dict updated


DicionarioPT.dict has a new version, which updated the front/back matter.

GuiaTV: new version available


The version r3.1.2 of GuiaTV is now available for download. This version fixes a bug that made the widget stop working after updating Safari to version 5.1.

RCG Forest: new version available


The version 1.7.0 of theme RCG Forest is available for download. The new version adds the german translation.

GuiaTV: new version available


The version r3.1.1 of GuiaTV is now available for download. This version updates the lists of channels available.